October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Most IT professionals are up-to-date on security measures to protect their identity and data: password security protocol, phishing attack prevention, the use of multi factor authentication... But is the power equipment managing your data center as secure as it should be?

Enlogic’s Advantage Series PDUs come standard with multiple security features to ensure that data and equipment are secure and protected, including:  

  • Enlogic’s Network Management Controller which promotes strong encryption (FTPS, SSH, HTTPS, SNMPv3), password encryption and expiration, and advanced authorization options including LDAP/S and Active Directory, as well as a visual Security Alarms on the NMC.  
  • Additionally, the USB outlet on the NMC can be disabled using administrator privileges, to add an extra layer of physical security to prevent unauthorized users from tampering with the data or unit.
  • Enlogic’s Dual Network Access allows for two domain setups for tenant and client relationships to maintain separate, secure access to PDU data. This setup creates a dual entry point for vital PDU information, so while each of the two rack PDUs are connected, they maintain private networks while simultaneously accessing PDU information with billing-grade accuracy and precision. 
  • Our Secure Web Interface supports the latest SSL/TLS security protocol with advanced session management and the Firmware is developed using a robust hash signature and advanced Firewall protection.
  • Authorized user information is stored as encrypted data and includes individual user credentials, passwords, and permissions. 
  • PDU Data is continuously logged so that administrators always know the details of the system, including user access, actions, time stamps, entry method, etc. 
  • Locking Power Receptacles protect any connected equipment from purposeful or accidental detachment to ensure power and uptime of critical powered operations.  
  • The Alarm Beacon sensor is a visual indicator that attaches the PDU and data center rack so if an alarm or security event occurs, the affected equipment can be quickly and easily identified to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Make sure your data center power equipment is armed with the most advanced features to protect data and enhance security with Advantage PDUs. 

Contact Enlogic today to see learn how you can upgrade your data center security with Advantage Series PDUs.  

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