When a business requires 24/7 availability, they must rely on the best in class for every component in the supply chain. Servecentric, based in Dublin Ireland, knows this first-hand. Servecentric is a colocation Data Centre operator that has relied on Enlogic Power Distribution solutions for over 8 years.

As one of Ireland’s leading Data Centre operators and public cloud providers, security and reliability are the highest priorities at Servecentric. Making sure that their clients’ data and applications are always available and protected is absolutely critical to business operations. Connectivity and power must be provided without interruption and a key element of the delivery is power provisioning. Servecentric runs over 80% of their clients’ Power Distribution through Enlogic iPDUs.

So why put 80% of your clients on Enlogic? “As a colocation Data Centre, the first thing we have to do is ‘keep the lights on’ for our clients. It is critical that we get it right, because from a power delivery perspective, failure is not an option!” says Brian Roe, Commercial Director at Servecentric. To ensure that they don’t let those customers down, Servecentric relies on Enlogic.

Servecentric clients represent a broad range of industries from locations across the world: technology, financial services, IoT, healthcare, entertainment, gaming, and telecoms. But the commonality between all their clients is that they run internet facing applications requiring always on, 24/7 power; clients including some of the world’s largest communications and technology companies.


More than Reliability

For Servecentric, it’s more than the reliability of Enlogic power products that they have come to depend on. Roe says that another key benefit to Enlogic PDUs is the hot swappable Network Management Card (NMC).

“Now, if we ever need to replace an NMC, we know that we can do this quickly and easily without interrupting power for our customers.” The ability to deliver on the promise of always on power, is vital to Servecentric’s operations. In a situation a replacement Network management controller is required to restore accessibility to the iPDU, we can quickly upload a preconfigured configuration file to the iPDU via the USB port. Using the Enlogic PCT tool, we can create a specific configuration file, which will assign, users, passwords, IP addresses, and much more to one or many iPDUs. This provides a quick solution which exemplifies our key values and mission statement. 


The Other 20%

Servecentric relies on Enlogic for 80% of their power products, but what about the other 20%? Some Servecentric clients require third party or bespoke distribution products for their personal use. In these cases, Servecentric installs Enlogic Inline Energy metering to accurately maintain and manage the Billing Grade Accuracy of the power usage.


Power Should Be Simple

Integrating Enlogic’s full suite of power and environmental solutions into Servecentric’s console system is simple and straightforward. Using other vendor software, they struggled with integration issues. But Enlogic makes it easy. “The products are intelligent. This allows us to detect and prevent potential outages before they occur.”

Servecentric has personnel onsite 24/7, so the alerts and SMTP messages provided by Enlogic software allow the user to see the bigger picture surrounding the data center with critical environmental and security sensors.


Power Intelligence

Servecentric invests millions on IT infrastructure, but it all comes down to the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle which has to be right. There’s no point in having the investment in all the auxiliary equipment if the iPDU isn’t reliable. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and with Enlogic, we are secure knowing there is no weak link in our power supply chain.

The best technology should be simple to use. Enlogic goes beyond ease-of-use, with reliability and functionality to meet critical power requirements. “The Servecentric goal is to ensure our client’s systems are always available and secure. We are able to provide that exceptional service to our clients because we power with Enlogic.” 


“About Servecentric: Servecentric provides a range of fully managed Cloud, Colocation and Connectivity services. We operate to the highest international standards, ensuring your business-critical systems are available and protected, 24 x 7 x 365. Our clients come from a broad range of sectors, both public and private. Verticals include technology, financial services, IoT, healthcare and entertainment and our client base boasts some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies. The caliber of our people, facilities and services is reflected in our ability to attract and retain clients from SME to blue chip multinationals”

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